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Anita Szeles
Accurate sizing; very comfortable
Anna Durmuş
i love these shorts!!! great for home, warm weather, sunny days, beach trips. Very comfortable and light, but not thin, sheer or flimsy. Ordered XL, my waist is 36, hips 44, and even though the XL fits, I would probably order L next time because they're a bit big. I know they're supposed to be loose on you anyhow, but i can order a size down and still be safe. The XL would probably even fit someone with a 40-44*** waist, because the waistband has a lot of stretch.
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Marc Lester Tuazon Fermin
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strikes out nine in Game 4 winJake Arrieta strikes out nine

Here's what Ohtani's first week in the majors has taught

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